The bowling machine is excellent and very useful. Can be very useful tool for improving batting skills. Thank You.
Rahul Dravid
Leverage bowling machine at my new house is absolutely fantastic. I found this machine far superior to any other bowling machine I have ever used. The amount of variations it has is something special and its backed by remarkable consistency. I am really happy with this fabulous bowling machine and so is my son. I wish leverage Sports Technologies all the very best in future.
Sachin Tendulkar
We are using Leverage Bowling machines. The performance of the machines has been very good and services provided by the company is extremely satisfactory.
NCA-BCCI (Bangalore)

Leverage Sports Technologies manufactures bowling machines for cricket and other sports in INDIA. Leverage Professional bowling machines are used by many cricket associations, players, coaches, institutions, etc across the world. Leverage has also been pioneer in producing bowling machines for fun which are used in malls, resorts and many amusement zones.

Leverage has recently launched Three Wheel Bowling Machines for cricket  with a vision to replace conventional two wheel bowling machines. Leverage Transformer, a computerized bowling robot is the best bowling machine available till date in the world.                                                            More Details


Leverage Professional Bowling machines
Designed for professional cricket batting practice.
Different models are available for players to choose a machine according to their level of practice and pocket size.
Leverage Bowling Machines For Malls
Leverage cricket zones are famous across the country. High revenue generating concept. Leverage bowling machines for fun are cheaper and also lucrative on commercial use.
Easy to install and low maintenance   

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Economical Bowling Machine Buy in Easy Instalments
LOW COST BOWLING MACHINE Bowling Machines - Professional Bowling Machines - Malls How to select a Bowling Machine ? Leverage Bowling Robots Three Wheel Machines
Upgrade to new generation three wheel bowling machines.
Far Superior than two wheel bowling machines.
Bounce simulation excellent spin and swing bowling etc.                    more
Two Wheel Machines
Low cost digital two wheel bowling machines.
Side tilt feature to creat different bowler angles.
Speed Upto 170kmp, Swing and spin.                   more
Tennis ball throwing machines.
Available in two models.
Best suitable for malls, resorts etc.
Amusing tool for fun games.                   more
Pneumatic Machines

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Computerised bowling robots.
Calibrate any kind of bowling variations on your own.
Simulate bowlers height, bounce and pitch as required.                   more
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